Saturday, April 30, 2016

Scientific reason of hanging chili and lemon outside your door

In India, almost every shop or even in many bigger businesses, you may see people tie some green chilies and lemon and they hang that in front of the main entrance. Also, they change it on certain days and then they hang fresh once instead of old one. Many of you may wonder why to hang fresh chilies and lemon on certain days. 

Superstitious people can claim it save them from the bad omens and it helps them grow their business as well. This is a ritual that has been there in Indian culture since ages and we cannot pin point the exact time for same. But if you think this is ritual is completely based on superstitions, then you are very much wrong about it.

As a matter of fact, this ritual was based on the science and after few centuries, people connected it with god and other superstitious things.  The combination of lemon juice and green chili work as a great disinfectant and it can terminate so many small microbes and bacteria’s that are not good for your health.  That means you will have a healthy environment just by hanging Green chilies and lemon on your door.

Talking about the question, why you need to hang only fresh lemon and chilies and why on certain days, its answer is very simple. In two or three days, the juice of lemon and chili get vaporized and hanging the empty shell of these two things will not do anything good for you. That is why you need to change it regularly.  They decided few days to make sure people chance it regularly without missing it.

Also, now a day, some people are using chilies and lemon hanger made of plastic. Please understand, that will be not good for your business in any ways. So, I would recommend you to use only fresh lemon and chili for this or do not use it at all.

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