Thursday, December 3, 2009

Myth: Snake capture your image if you kill it, Scientific reason for creating this Myth

In India there are several myths one of them is if you kill a snake and leave it there then counterpart of this snake pair will take revenge from you. The other snake of this snake pair will get to know about you from image that has been captured in dead snake’s eyes.

This myth is there since several years that if you kill a snake it will take a picture of yours in its eyes so if you kill one you should burn it or you should burry it deep in earth for your safety.

As per my opinion this myth was created by wise ancient people with a very scientific and logical reason and half of this statement is true as well “You should burn it or burry it in deep in earth for safety”. I will explain it how.

First let me explain the image myth

When someone kill a snake and watch it from less distance he found his reflection in dead snakes eyes and it feels as if snake captured his/her image but fact is that snakes don’t have eye lids so when snake is dead than also its eyes remain open and it reflect any thing that comes in its range. Image created in snakes eyes due to reflection is very small so it’s impossible to identify who is there in that eye.

I manage to find a Photo that explain what I said above.

In this Image photographer is there in snake Eye

Zoom of above image here you can clearly see photographer in its eye.

Scientific and logical reason why one should burn or burry a dead snake

Even when a snake is dead its poison remains lethal for several hours. To avoid injection or intrusion of this poison to any leaving being by any mean it’s recommended that one should burn or burry a dead snake so its poison can not affect any living being.

To avoid snakes poison to leaving being they forced to burn or burry it

I hope it cleared at least one myth there are lot more to write but not today. It will come day by day.

I hope it was informative and interesting too


  1. Well I have no idea where u got ur facts from but my uncle is bedridden since burning a banded krait coz he inhaled the fumes while doing people I would suggest pls don burn a venomous snake.....

  2. I think burning snake is not a good idea.