Monday, November 30, 2009

Indian Myths are based on science and Logics

In India there are many custom and many myths as well. Most of the Indian believe on these myths even if they are very educated, they say they don’t believe on these nonsense but they know somewhere deep inside them they do believe on this willingly or unwillingly.
I had word with many people regarding this but only few wise people bothered them self for give a thought about it, rest other said we follow these customs and myths since our long generation so no one raise a question on these custom and myths.
I am also not raising a question on these customs or myths neither I do posses that power but what I will try to do with my blog is I will try to explain scientific or logical reason about those custom or Myths in India.
As per my small work and conversation with many wise people including my late grandfather all of the Indian customs and Myths are purely based on science or logics but wise people in ancient time embedded those custom/myths with god or deity or any other threat so every Indian people can believe and follow those rules for good human life.
I was thinking for start writing about Indian myths since a long time but don’t know why I was not able to do so. May be some kind of fear that it will get accepted or not but now I have overcome with that fear and going to start writing about Indian myths and there possible scientific or logical reason.
If you find any thing wrong in it please let me know.
Hope it will help every one

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